Best Programs to Block Unwanted Sites – The internet is a world full of types of harmful sites as much as it is beneficial for children, so parents must protect their children from accessing any abusive or unwanted site by using web filtering software known as site blocking software or content-control software.

Programs designed to restrict access to certain websites on the user’s device, some of these programs are explain: for phones and tablets there is a range of programs that help block unwanted sites for phones or tablets, the best of which are the following


FamiSafe is one of the best and most reliable tools to block websites, enabling users to easily block websites on their tablet or phone, tracking various activities across the target device. The software can track any suspicious message containing abusive words and report it to parents immediately, allow a specific time limit on the device, and through the program can track the child’s geographical location and monitor the child’s activity on particular sites, such as youtube.

Qustodio is one of the best parental control programs, as it is easy to use, provides powerful monitoring tools, enables parents to set a specific time to use the internet, monitor child search activity online and block abusive content and inappropriate sites, and can locate the child geographically, which is compatible with any device whether android, iPhone, mac, or windows.


Freedom is that it can block websites and block the use of the entire internet, with a security lock that prevents the child from canceling the time of the ban prematurely. It is worth noting that it allows a list of sites that parents only allow the child to access and is compatible with Windows, iPhone, and Mac devices.

Net Nanny

A net Nanny is a cost-effective tool for blocking and filtering unwanted websites, such as pornographic sites, suicide activity, alcohol, and drugs. It helps detect whether a child has downloaded a private server to hide the online search.

It allows for a specific time limit for the child to use the device, remotely track the child, enable parents to access messages issued and received on the child’s device, and send them alerts by email about the child’s activities on the device.

Mobicip One of mobicip’s best features is its compatibility with many devices, whether Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, and Chromebook, allowing parents to keep parents up-to-date with their child’s online activity, filtering abusive and unwanted content. Reviewing the search history, and setting a schedule for using the device. And notifying parents when each attempt to access the prohibited content immediately.

For desktops and laptops as employers recognize the results of ever-increasing negative distractions. The use of website blocking software is also on the rise. And several programs are dedicate to blocking certain websites from the windows computer, the best of which are:


Vipre is one of the best antiviruses and blocking unwanted websites. Helping to block different sites accurately while protecting against spam. Keeping data secure and confidential, and has an easy-to-use and straightforward interface.


Web Titan is one of the best  Programs to Block unwanted sites used in companies and schools to restrict internet use of unwanted sites to maintain employees’ focus at work or students during school and has a straightforward interface. It should be noted that it provides a strong firewall from any malware or penetration.

With only one click, the target device can be prevented from reaching specific sites without causing any slowdown when browsing. And the software automatically updates its latest version continuously.

Barracuda Web Security

Gateway Barracuda Web Security is one of the most popular security programs known, filtering unwanted websites or content. Specific controls can be put in place to regulate the internet usage process by creating policies that allow users to access websites they visit constantly.

You should note that it can block sites that display pornographic or violent content. Place any desirable restrictions on specific areas such as sports, news, dating sites, shopping, etc. By using this program. The user can either block access to particular locations or search for and block sites that offer the same content.

The software also allows blocking images that appear when searching the web. It states that it contains dictionaries that include common words and phrases related to harassment, weapons, or other obscene words. You can add any comment to the dictionary so that the program alerts the observer when the user searches for any of them, but only in English.


InterGuard is a powerful program that allows blocking unwanted sites and monitoring device user activity. Automatically blocking all websites that contain a series of words predetermined by the user.

It can also block the appearance of images that appear when searching google. Create a list of sites allowed to browse. Monitor user activity on the internet, record all sites visited, and send alerts when you try to visit blocked sites.

TrueVine’s Website Blocker

TrueVine is one of the best family protection programs. As it can help block unwanted websites that contain any pornographic or violent material. As well as prohibiting any offensive messages, through which, in simple steps. You can identify websites to ban.

The program also prohibits the various pop-ups that appear during the web browsing process automatically. And it is characterize by a very specific target performance. Unlike the programs mentioned above. Which specifically focus on denying access to pornographic content.

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