Areas of Cybersecurity – Increases reliance on internet use increases the chances of cyberattacks, requiring cybersecurity support, and here is a range of regions uses in cybersecurity technology: cybersecurity for critical infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure (Areas of Cybersecurity)

Cybersecurity is used to secure systems with critical infrastructure, acting as a platform through which cyber malware can detect to protect similar systems. This technology is widespread and is used in the electricity grid, water purification, traffic lights, shopping malls, hospitals, and many more.

Network Security

Network Security technology allows organizations to secure their computer networks from cyberattacks or malware, which often harm customers and make them vulnerable to fraud and exploitation, deploying security programs that monitor their internal network and infrastructure.

Therefore, security includes a range of ways to increase safety, such as new passwords, antivirus software, firewalls, encryption, etc.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security means computerized systems that organizations provide to customers, which allow them to store and monitor their data through an enterprise network security tool.

And also, essential tool after organizations increase their orientation to electronic systems and have a large amount of customer data, reducing the likelihood of a cyberattack on these sites.

The most famous examples of cloud security include Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon web services.

Internet of Things Security

Internet of Things Security is a set of intelligent devices that connects to a network. These devices are supportive of the Internet.

They can communicate through it and share different information with the rest of the devices connected to this network.

The machines work automatically after they are program with some inputs by the user. And also, they do not need any interference in their settings.

The role of IoT security is to protect the security of these networks and avoid remaining to expose to malicious cyberattacks.

The areas of Cybersecurity system integrated with an organization system links with the various devices connected to the web to obtain a secure network.

Examples of IoT devices used include teleconferencing equipment, sensors, surveillance cameras, building control systems, and multifunctional devices such as devices as printers, etc.

App Security

Application Security protects different applications from attacks that threaten their cybersecurity, such as data theft or hacking, or the code inside them.

The application security principle is based on application protection during design and the types of security of applications used during design authentication such as passwords or fingerprints, authorization, encryption, registration, and application security testing.

Application security also protects applications after the design process is completed. And also, deployed for use. It is by securing it with other applications, such as firewall programs, antiviral programs, etc.

What do We call Cybersecurity Professionals?

Cybersecurity professionals do call many job names, depending on the nature of the tasks performed by the specialist.

Under each job name, there is a functional hierarchy from assistant to the chief specialist.

Here are some job names for cybersecurity professionals: cybersecurity specialists. Information security analyst. And also, Vulnerability analyst.

Cybersecurity analyst. Engineer, technician. Cybersecurity officer. Security of cybersecurity principles. Penetration device laboratory. And also, Architect of cybersecurity technologies.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

cyberspace is at risk, so the importance of this area can explain as follows: protect data from exposure to leaking and theft, especially confidential data such as credit card numbers, bank account details, etc., protect personal information. And also, identification data from theft.

Moreover, Prevent the theft of personal and social media accounts.

Reducing the theft of intellectual property of individuals or institutions. Prevent the theft of corporate information that may lead to customer distrust. Protecting the reputation of different companies and institutions.

Therefore, reduce corporate exposure to sanctions, lawsuits, and pay significant fines. Reduce the cost we spend on repairing systems that are damaged by malicious cyberattacks.

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